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Play Opportunities on a Limited Budget

Wednesday 7th September, 2016 9:30am - 11:30am Host: Child Australia Woolner, NT For bookings head to Malarkey Playwork website.


Why kids should go barefoot more (and probably adults, too)

From the Washington Post During an unseasonably warm day this past winter, my husband and I walked with our three boys to the playground down the street from our house. The sunshine was toasty and the [...]


I've been away this week working with Marc Armitage at Play as part of Malarkey Playwork training and we got to go to Winton in QLD.

Liitle Swaggies Child Care hosted us and below are a couple of pics from their yard.

In the first one you can see a fire pit. Dana said they use this most days where they cook their morning tea on it. For anyone who hasn't been to Winton I'd like to point out it was 34 degrees when we were there and it has temperatures up to 45 in summer and it's dry. Yet here they are making fire a part of the everyday. Love.

In the second pic these logs are in a pile that can be moved and dragged around (a natural loose part) and the more conventional plastic planks (manufactured loose parts) have been added. This space doesn't necessarily indicate what can be done here....which I also love.

In this space children had dragged in tree branches which had broken off and added them around the place.

Cheers Little Swaggies Child Care ~ Judd

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Nicole and Justine met in 2007 and quickly realised they were on the same journey in their teaching practise: both at a stage where they realised their philosophies and programmes weren’t marrying up. Read on!