Journey Into Play is a professional development and consultancy organisation for the early childhood sector.
We believe in providing collaborative and inclusive environments, rich in open materials, enabling children to feel empowered to explore, investigate and experiment.


Play Opportunities on a Limited Budget

Wednesday 7th September, 2016 9:30am - 11:30am Host: Child Australia Woolner, NT For bookings head to Malarkey Playwork website.


Why kids should go barefoot more (and probably adults, too)

From the Washington Post During an unseasonably warm day this past winter, my husband and I walked with our three boys to the playground down the street from our house. The sunshine was toasty and the [...]


The Greenhouse at Axis Centre has a variety of serviced offices, with spaces for one or spaces for 40 people. If you know anyone looking to take their home office to the next level, get in contact by commenting below and I will pass you onto the people who can make it happen.

These are fabulous spaces with fabulous people running them ~ Judd

The greenhouse offers serviced offices starting at 6sqm, just right for one person. Enquiry today about giving your business the professional edge.

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This is a great video about the fantastic and awesome things going on at Governors Island, New York. Congratulations to all the team at play:ground you have done a great job, you can see it in this video, in the photos you have posted and most of all on the faces of the children. Love it. - Nicole ...

Helicopter Parents Should Avoid This Playground

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Nicole and Justine met in 2007 and quickly realised they were on the same journey in their teaching practise: both at a stage where they realised their philosophies and programmes weren’t marrying up. Read on!